New Hire Onboarding: What You Need to Know

You have put a great deal of effort into finding the best employees for your company. You feel that you have made solid choices, and you want to make sure that your new recruits stick around. How can you do that? By employing new hire onboarding.

What is New Hire Onboarding and Why is it so Important?

What exactly is new hire onboarding? It’s a fancy term for orientation. And guess what? – It can make a huge difference when it comes to retaining the team members you have recently hired. It can be the difference between making new team members feel valued, and making them feel as if they are just another person in a crowd.

A variety of strategies are employed in the employee onboarding process. It typically involves making new hires feel welcomed and like a valued member of your team. It also involves providing them with the tools and information that they need to be successful in their new position with your company.

The Dos and Don’ts of Onboarding

So, how do you make sure that your new hires will want to stay with your company for the long haul? Here are some suggested dos and don’ts of the onboarding process that will ensure your success – and the success of your new hires.

New Hire Onboarding Dos

  • Make sure that your new hire orientation sets up your team for success. Provide them with an inviting workspace; a desk that is clean and tidy, and offers essential items, such as pens, paper, notepads, highlighters, a manual that highlights your policies, etc. You should also make sure that they have a computer and a monitor that is set up and ready to go. Make sure that they are connected to the Internet and that any pertinent software is downloaded and running properly.
  • Host a welcome event. Whether it’s a breakfast or a team building event, your new hires will feel like they are a valued part of your team; and such events will certainly make them feel welcomed.
  • Nix the paperwork. Nobody wants to spend their first day on a new job filling out and filing a ton of paperwork. Make sure you have you provide your new hires with all of the necessary paperwork prior to their first day. By doing so, the newest additions to your team will be able to feel like a real part of the team from day 1.
  • Answer any and all questions. New employees are bound to have a lot of questions. By welcoming their questions and providing them with the answers they need, they will truly feel valued.


  • Don’t let them fend for themselves. Doing so will almost certainly ensure that they will not feel welcomed and valuable. Let them know what they can expect, and keep them in the loop. Remember that those who have just started working with your company will need direction and guidance in order to fully understand the intricacies of their new role.
  • Don’t forget to introduce them. Being a new hire can be overwhelming and awkward. Make sure you introduce the people you have recently hired to your existing staff so that they will feel welcomed and important.
  • Don’t be unprepared. When it comes to new hire onboarding, make sure you have a plan of action in place, and that you follow through with your plan. Leaving it to chance could be disastrous, and could very well end up turning your new hires away instead of keeping them on-board.